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    Schioppettino: there are several hypotheses about the origins of the name Schioppettino. It probably comes from the unique sensation that one can feel eating these grapes when they are ripe. The skin becomes very thin and tight and literally crackles (“scoppietta”) in the mouth.

    Schioppiettino, when young, is taught and lively, dark red with violet reflections, no more than medium bodied with a subtle fragrance of wild berries. As the wine matures the wild berry aromas develop further bestowing a distinctly aromatic and elegant nose on this wine. Fresh acidity, typical of this variety, at the same time underpins the wine’s succulence.

    Wine info sheet

    Harvest: by hand in the first half of October.

    Vinification: 15-20 days maceration at 25°C followed by malolatic fermentation in wood.

    Finishing: In barriques of 4-6 years old.

    Bottling: July. Once bottled the wine rests for about 3 months before being released.

    Gastronomic Combination: Its poise, freshness and aromatic quality make it very versatile and it goes well with charcuterie, pasta with meat ragù, roast chicken and rabbit. It can also accompany mature cheeses.

    Serve at 17°-18°C in glasses for young red wine.

    Ageing Potential: This wine evolves over 5 years.