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    Refosco dal peduncolo rosso

    Refosco dal peduncolo rosso is another vine native to Friuli related to but distinct from Refosco grown elsewhere.

    This wine is intensely ruby red with nuances of violet, viola and wild berry on the nose. It sports an excellent body with persistent flavours lingering on the palate.

    Wine info sheet

    Harvest: by hand in the first half of October.

    Vinification: 15-20 days at 25°C followed by the malolatic fermentation.

    Finishing: Half in 1500 litre barrels and half in steel before blending and bottling.

    Bottling: June-July. The wine rests in bottle for 3 months before release.

    Gastronomic Combination: Refosco goes perfectly with pork, cotechino, sausages, game such as pheasant and hare, and bean soups.

    Serve 16°-18°C in glasses for young red wine.

    Ageing Potential: This wine evolves over 5 years.