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    Daniele Zof


    Friuli Colli Orientali

    Red DOC

    Pignolo is an old vine that has been grown in Corno di Rosazzo’s area since 1600. It was forgotten for a long time, rediscovered around the beginning of the 80’s then in 1995 it received the D.O.C. Friuli Colli Orientali.

    It is a red, full-bodied wine, vivid and interesting with a light red ruby colour. Because of its richness in tannins it has to be finished in French barrels and in bottles for some years. The ageing gives refined complex flavours of a lot of different spices. Its scent is vinous, fruity, but reserved. It is very agreeable on the palette, finely tannic, with warm mouth coating flavours of cherry, raspberry, and morel mushrooms.

    Wine info sheet

    Harvest: by hand in the first half of October.

    Vinification: 10-20 days in wooden tun with frequent turning of the must followed by malolatic fermentation in wood barrels of French oak.

    Finishing: in barriques and tonneaux for 36 months

    Bottling: June/July. Once bottled the wine rests for about 6 months before being released.

    Gastronomic Combination: this is a wine to discover, high-class and well matched with a large range of dishes: white and red meat, matured cheese, and spicy salami, but also with other salami, wild boar, roast beef and veal. It has a great personality.

    Serve at 18-20°C in large glasses.

    Ageing Potential: this wine evolves over 12 years.