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    Daniele Zof


    Friuli Colli Orientali

    Picolit DOCG

    Sweet white

    A very precious wine, Picolit is another local variety. The cultivation of the grapes of the Picolit vine is hard because of a congenital disease called Floral Abortion, which reduces each bunch to only a few small, but intense, grapes (about 30% of a typical bunch).

    Picolit has a golden yellow colour with a more or less intense shade depending on the year. The nose is really complex and intense almost perfumed, with notes of wild flowers, almond, peach blossom, acacia and chestnut. Sweet but not overly sweet, Picolit does not weigh down the palate, but rather fills it with a pleasant and long aromatic sensation.

    Wine info sheet

    Harvest: by hand in the first half of October.

    Drying of grapes: the grapes are hung in rows until the weight of them is reduced by 50%

    Fermentation: in small barrels of French oak (like Allier) called “barriques” for about two months.

    Finishing: in barriques

    Bottling: August-September. Once bottled the wine rests for about 6 months before being released.

    Gastronomic Combination: this is definitely a wine for meditation; any gastronomic combination seems unnatural.

    Serve at a temperature not too cold (12°C)

    Ageing Potential: this wine evolves over 12 years.

    Bottle size: 500 ml