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    Cabernet Franc

    Cabernet Franc is a wine with a strong personality. The colour is blood red with violet reflections, a masculine wine. The fragrance is vinous with notes of raspberry and almond but one can also discern a typical gentle herbal flavour reminiscent of fresh cut hay. With ageing the palate becomes spicier, more aristocratic and complete.

    Wine info sheet

    Harvest: by hand at the end of September/early October.

    Vinification: 15-20 days at 20-22°C followed by the malolatic fermentation.

    Finishing: Half in 1500 litre barrels and half in steel before blending and bottling.

    Bottling: June-July. Once bottled the wine rests for about 3 months before release.

    Gastronomic Combination: At the palate is dry, quite full with fine tannins. Cabernet Franc goes well with wild fowl, pork, grilled red meat and mature cheese.

    This wine benefits from a little breathing after opening and should be served at 17°-18°C in glasses for more serious red wines.

    Ageing Potential: This wine evolves over 5 years.